About Us

AIROSTEAM provides professional steam cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection services in residential, commercial and industrial sectors across the Central Region of Malaysia.

Our machines employ a high-temperature steaming method, deploying pressurized steam at temperatures as high as 180’C, effectively killing harmful bacteria and disease causing vectors. Coupled with our own proprietary SOPs and expertise that have been honed over time and experience, our cleaning system provides many advantages, including :


Our team of trained and experienced technicians will conduct their job on time, efficiently and with established safety protocols, while minimizing disruption to their surroundings


Our cleaning system is capable of sanitization and disinfection of almost any structure and indoor environment to exacting standards

Our Pledge


We rely on the effectiveness of our cleaning system and our small teams to provide a pricing structure that suits all budgets and job scopes


Our cleaning system uses only water as the primary solvent, rendering our services completely safe for all environments.